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No, no burning of ballots, but as Pope Francis is coming to Our Nation’s Capital, Tax Court thought it appropriate to shut down.

After all, as a leading tribunal for the rendering to Caesar of what is Caesar’s, it’s a nice gesture.

Here’s the skinny:

“Operating Status–Washington, DC:

“Due to traffic and transportation difficulties anticipated to accompany the Papal visit to the United States Capitol and nearby locations, the United States Tax Court will be closed on Thursday, September 24, 2015.

“eFiling and eAccess will be available September 24. Taxpayers may comply with statutory deadlines for filing petitions or notices of appeal (both of which types of documents must be filed in paper) by timely mailing a petition or notice of appeal to the Court. Timeliness of mailing of the petition or notice of appeal is determined by the United States Postal Service’s postmark or the delivery certificate of a designated private delivery service.”

 As for the appropriate private deliverers, see my blogpost “Bless ‘Em All – Part Deux, 5/8/15. But check the IRS website before you send anything.


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