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Or, the game goes on. See my blogpost “Delay of the Game,” 7/12/13, and its successor, “Delay of the Game – Tweet!”, 9/11/14.

Today we have Chana R. Kobernick & Yishai Kassel, Docket No. 12863-15, filed 5/26/15.

Chan and Yish ask for trial in Wichita, KS, but that’s for small-claimers only, and Chan and Yish didn’t designate their case for small claims. So Ch J. Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton gives them the form order to pick a different venue or designate for small claims treatment, if they can.

OK, run of the mine order, so why do I blog it?

Well, something struck a chord, so I did a docket search on Yish.

Lo and behold, as a late lamented colleague used to exclaim, I found an order from last month under Docket No. 13406-14, filed 4/27/15, wherein Chan and Yish stipulated to a decision, entered by our own Ch J Iron Mike.

But the place of trial there was New York, New York (“The Town So Nice They Named It Twice”). And the docket page lists no home state for Chan and Yish in either case, unlike most petitioners.

So did Chan and Yish move to Kansas? Or is this the latest version of the previous gambit? The suspense is killing me.

Repeating my earlier suggestion, which Judge Gale appears to have taken in my “Delay of the Game – Tweet!” blogpost hereinabove cited, perhaps Tax Court should require the petitioners show some nexus between the place of trial on the one hand, and their residence, principal place of business, location of counsel, evidence or witnesses on the other, before setting the place of trial.

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