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That’s Gregory Raifman & Susan Raifman, Docket No. 3897-14, filed 2/27/15. Greg & Sue can spot a crook a mile away–and hand him millions.

You’ll remember Greg & Sue from my blogpost “We Wuz Robbed”, 8/7/12. What, you don’t remember? Then check out my blogpost aforementioned, as Judge Wells allowed that Greg & Sue were well and truly robbed by the improbably-named-but-larcenously-inclined Yuri Debevc Derivium.

Would you believe that Greg & Sue handed over $2,475,000 to ClassicStar? And if you don’t remember ClassicStar, dig my blogpost “Horsing Around?”, 8/15/11.

Well, today Greg & Sue want summary J allowing the $2,475,000 loss to the ClassicStar swindlers as a carryback from 2009 (a year not at issue) to 2008. IRS balks, but Judge Wells, by now almost an old friend of Greg’s & Sue’s, lets them carry back.

“Generally, this Court has jurisdiction to consider later years not before the Court as may be necessary to correctly redetermine the deficiency for years currently before the Court. I.R.C. sec. 6214(b); Vincentini v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2008-271. Accordingly, this Court may consider petitioners’ 2009 tax year in order to redetermine the correct amount of the theft loss carryback for 2008.” Order, at p. 1.

So Greg & Sue are leading in the backstretch.

But I regret that they, like me, have torn up tickets on horses leading in the backstretch that never quite led at the finish line.

Greg & Sue want to claim they were victims of a Rev. Proc. 2009-20, 2009-14 IRB 735 “specified fraudulent arrangement”. This would get them a theft-loss ordinary deduction, rather than a capital loss.

IRS concedes Greg & Sue were robbed (again), but claims no summary J on “specified fraudulent arrangement.”

Greg & Sue rely on a USDCWDKY trial of the ClassicStar gang.

The KY trial doesn’t establish that ClassicStar promised income to the swindled, nor that they reported to them or paid to them any purported “income”. The “specified fraudulent arrangement” gambit is strictly for Madoff-Ponzi deals, and the KY trial, on which Greg & Sue hang their harness, doesn’t establish anything other than fraudulent representations, but no rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul of the Madoff-Ponzi kind.

So Greg & Sue were robbed (again). But not through a “specified fraudulent arrangement.”


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