In Uncategorized on 02/12/2015 at 13:44

No, pace Fred Astaire, I’m not going to serenade you about my white tie and tails, much less my top hat (I might actually have one at the bottom of a closet somewhere).

Today, however, there arrived a letter from Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton, inviting me to the Duke University confab in May, whereat will be discussed improvements to life, the universe and everything, insofar as any or all of the foregoing appertain to access to, and practice before, the United States Tax Court.

See my blogpost “Can We Talk”, 9/22/14, which I now correct. There is a fee to attend, amounting to $357.50. But for such an august gathering, who can refuse to splurge a wee bit?

Should be a blast, and provide much blogfodder.

Cain’t hardly wait.

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