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Not Hardly

Older readers of this chronicle may remember STJ Lewis (“The Right Spelling”) Carluzzo in his role as tax return preparer. For the newer among the faithful, check out my blogpost “Tax Court As Preparer?”, 9/17/12.

Well, STJ Lew bailed on the tax return preparation gig, but Duane Morley Cox & Jeanne Cox, Docket No. 26501-13S, filed 10/22/14, want Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton to copy edit their amended petition.

“…petitioners filed a Motion To Change or Correct Caption. In that motion petitioners seek to have the Court ‘correct’ various typographical error [sic] in the exhibits attached to petitioners’ amended petition….” Order, at p. 1.

After all, Ch J Iron Mike tells them “…we issued an order correcting the spelling of Mr. Cox’s middle name from Marley to Morley.” Order, at p. 1.

So maybe Duane Morley and Jeanne were confused, and thought that only Tax Court Judges could proofread papers.

They should read some Tax Court orders for a couple days, as Judge Holmes would say. That would disabuse them of the notion that anyone proofreads these orders.

Howbeit, Ch J Iron Mike isn’t a proofreader.

“Petitioners are advised that if they wish to correct various typographical errors in exhibits attached to their amended petition, petitioners should do so by filing a motion for leave to file an amendment to amended petition and lodging therewith, an appropriate amendment to amended petition containing such corrected exhibits.” Order, at p. 1.

We don’t do tax prep and we don’t do proofreading.


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