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So ends the saga of Robert Jacobson, Docket No. 8447-13W, filed 9/4/14, as CSTJ Peter Panuthos shows Robert to the door, as IRS claims they collected no money from the various skullduggers Robert claims to have unearthed.

Robert avers he attached a list of skullduggers, their aiders and abettors to various documents he furnished the Ogden, UT gang, but they claim they never got them. Interestingly, the Ogden Sunseteers never mentioned that lacuna when CSTJ Pete denied them summary judgment back on 3/13/14, as to which see my blogpost “Summary Judgment – A Causerie”, 3/13/14.

Remember what I said back then: “But, as usual, the motion cuts multiple ways. Uncle Bob has told IRS what his case consists of. CSTJ Panuthos has told IRS what they need to do to meet, and maybe beat, Uncle Bob’s case. And Uncle Bob now knows something of what CSTJ Panuthos thinks of the case, if CSTJ Panuthos gets to try it, of course; he was only assigned the case to deal with the IRS’ motion.”

And deal with it he does: IRS claims they never got the list of alternate or additional skullduggery (apparently forgetting to mention that fact when they moved for summary judgment back in the Spring), never got any money, so Section 7623 says, paraphrasing that Goddess of the Runway, “you’re auf’d”.

Summary judgment for IRS.

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