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But Only If You Ask Us

Judge James S. (“Big Jim”) Halpern, not quite so obliging as his colleague Judge David Gustafson, is apparently willing to visit Tax Court petitioners in whatsoever Stony Lonesome they are doing a guest appearance. Maybe.

But Judge Big Jim doesn’t go charging in, as Judge David Gustafson did; see my blogpost “We’ll Come To You”, 9/18/12.

No, Big Jim waits to be asked, in Robert Ray Sanders, et al., Docket No. 8386-11, filed 6/25/14.

The visitation issue apparently isn’t with Robert Ray, but rather with the “al.”, namely and to wit, Robert Ray’s wife, Rachal Shannamarie Sanders. Seems like Rachal Shannamarie is a-servin’ of her time, at least until the end of calendar 2014.

So Judge Big Jim decides to see what’s going to be with Rachal Shannamarie and her return to civilian life.

“The Court has received reports from all parties. We agree with respondent’s statement that, barring stipulation between the parties, these cases will probably require a trial. No stipulation of settlement has been presented and no dispositive motion, such as a motion for summary judgment, has been made. Nor has any party asked that we conduct a trial at petitioner-wife Rachal Shannamarie Sanders’ place of detention. We have contacted a caseworker at her place of detention, who stated that, perhaps by the end of the year, information will be available concerning her release date.” Order, at p. 1.

So Judge Big Jim releases the case to the general trial docket, and orders status reports by December 1, unless information sooner arrives as to Rachal Shannamarie’s return to liberty.

Judge Big Jim holds off going to jail. Unless someone asks him.


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