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I’ve been running this blog since December, 2010. The blog and I have had our ups and downs, high points and low points.

The only reason I’m waxing nostalgic, and even a trifle wistful, this cloudy morning, is that today, May 23, 2014, I expect to reach the thirty-thousandth view on this blog.

Now I know the popular blogs, the “influencer” blogs touted by the social media, to say nothing of the unending tweets of the rich and famous, get that many views in a second or less.

But I make Tom Hardy’s guy Jude the Obscure look notorious.

After all, aficionados of the United States Tax Court are rather fewer than any other group I can think of. And I can’t think anyone else is blogging the opinions, orders, press releases and miscellanea therefrom on a daily basis (or almost so).

So it’s a milestone for me to hit thirty thousand (count ’em) views, however long it took me to get there.

Thanks to my stouthearted readers.



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