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Here’s a designated hitter from one who reads my blog. The case is Nerida Patrica Lopez, Docket No. 2601-13, filed 4/1/14, and there’s no interesting point of law, or even interesting facts, but there is evidence that the exalted author thereof reads my blog.

Offer of proof in substantiation of the foregoing: “She produced a couple boxes, see (regarding grammatical point), to prove that she has offsetting deductions, but these included nonsense like a brochure describing how to operate an alarm system and a photo of a house scattered among disorganized records.”Order, at p. 1.

Check out the URL cited; it’s interesting, but that doesn’t make it correct.

And guess who wrote the order? No prize for the correct answer.

  1. Mr. Taishoff, it appears this may have been a sly ribbing of this here respectable blog. The last post on that NOOF blog seems to contain a key to the whole purpose of its existence. Some translation may be needed.


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