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Tax Court is trying valiantly to catch up with the tech revolution, but hasn’t yet. So Toni Marie Ognibene must refile her papers from a fixed platform. See Docket No. 9464-12 L, filed 2/6/14.

Toni Marie, obviously techsmart and streetwise, was ahead of Tax Court, and certainly ahead of William (“Old Bill”) Wise, Esq., of my blogpost “(Old) Technophobes, Rejoice!”, 12/18/13, and poor Louis Samuel, Esq., of my blogpost “Practicing in Tax Court Can Be Hazardous”, 1/28/14.

Here’s Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton: “…petitioner submitted two documents for electronic filing: (1) a Motion for Extension of Time and (2) a Notice of Change of Address. The Court’s electronic filing system does not currently support the submission of documents from a smartphone. Accordingly, cover pages were generated and filed in the case, but the documents that petitioner attempted to upload and file were not properly made a part of the record of this case. Petitioner may resubmit these documents for filing in this case. However, this should be done using a platform other than an unsupported smartphone.” Order, at p. 1.

Get with it, Tax Court. I don’t use smartphones, but I am in the “old” category for sure. The younger generation will soon be looking at Sir Andrew, my 2007-vintage  MacBook 13.3, like an escapee from the Smithsonian.

Join the 21st Century.

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