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This time from Judge David (“That Obliging Jurist”) Gustafson, on a day when Tax Court seems to have the holiday hangover, no opinions and a few designated hitters of no great novelty, except–well, see for yourselves, guys.

Here’s our old petitioners Ovadia Meron & Galit Meron, Docket No. 9172-11, filed 12/26/13. Remember them? No? Well, see my blogpost “Which Side Are You On?”, 7/9/13, where Judge Gustafson asked Ovadia’s & Galit’s counsel to explain how he wasn’t conflicted out of representing Galit on her innocent spousery, while representing Ovadia on his defense of IRS’ unpaid taxable income claim. Oh, Judge Gustafson also wanted to know why he shouldn’t toss Galit’s innocent spousery for failure to prosecute.

And they could even respond to one issue without responding to the other.

Of course, in the immortal words of the Bard, “The rest is silence”.

Although Ovadia & Galit got three (count ‘em, three) extensions of Judge Gustafson’s deadline to respond, not Word One came from either or their attorney.

So Judge Gustafson tosses Galit’s innocent spousery. Maybe he thinks that by doing so, there’s no longer a conflict of interest between Ovadia & Galit, so their attorney is off the metaphorical.

But there’s still a question.

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