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Ready to Pitch

That’s Judge Wherry’s (the Whimsical Judge) word to the attorney for Jere D. & Neva C. Jefcoat, Docket No. 7772-11, filed 9/26/13.

I’m taking my text from another Jeffcoat, the late Harold Bentley (“Hal”) Jeffcoat, who pitched for the Cubs, Redlegs and Cards many years ago.

Jere and Neva’s present attorneys move to withdraw, IRS waves bye-bye to them, and Jere’s and Neva’s new attorney is walking in from the bullpen.

Judge Wherry welcomes him with the news that he won’t get time to warm up. “…the parties are cautioned that the Court will not grant a continuance just because the two attorneys are withdrawn and a new attorney for petitioners has recently entered his appearance. The parties are to be ready for trial in accordance with the Court’s May 3, 2013, order.” Order, at p. 1.

Come in from the bullpen ready to pitch.

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