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 Will deter that obliging jurist Judge Gustafson from bringing a case on to trial. Although Frank is dead and Dulce’s health has seriously deteriorated since they petitioned in 2009, Judge Gustafson isn’t prepared to wait much longer to deal with whatever the issues might be in Estate of Frank San Pedro, Deceased, Alberto E. San Pedro, Personal Representative, and Dulce San Pedro, Docket No. 11905-09, filed 8/28/13.

Trial is set for a date certain less than three months away, but apparently Alberto asked for a continuance. Judge Gustafson doesn’t say who wants the time-out, but in any case he’s not obliging this time.

“The record shows that Frank San Pedro died in July 2009 (several months after the petition was filed) and that Dulce San Pedro’s health has seriously deteriorated. While such circumstances are sometimes a reason to continue a case, a continuance should be granted only if the passage of time will better enable the parties to try the case. In a circumstance like this, a continuance may have the disadvantage of making it only more difficult to locate witnesses and documents relevant to the case. The parties should therefore be aware that the Court will not reflexively grant any further continuance.” Order, at p. 1.

So file a status report, guys, and get with it.

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