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But Judge Morrison Is On the Case

The few readers who have struggled through the summer doldrums might vaguely remember my blogpost “Delay of the Game”, 7/12/13, and its not-quite-sequel “Yonder Come Day”, 7/30/13, wherein I discussed the various delaying maneuvers of inventive taxpayers.

Judge Morrison, however, has no patience. He deals with one such in Clarence William & Susan M. Speer, Docket No. 581-12, filed 8/19/13.

C.W. and Sue are on for trial in LA next month, and Judge Morrison told them so back in April.

Less than two weeks ago, a little more than thirty days before trial, CW and Sue move for a continuance (that’s an adjournment in these parts), claiming they have plane tickets and can’t show for the trial.

Could be, but Judge Morrison is a follower of the Great Communicator: “Trust, but verify.”

Judge Morrison: “…(p)etitioners shall, on or before September 3, 2013, file a supplement to their motion for continuance. Petitioners’ supplement shall include an attachment with copies of petitioners’ airplane tickets referred to in petitioners’ motion, along with documents showing the airplane tickets were purchased prior to receiving the April 18, 2013 notice of trial.” Order, p. 1.

Should be an interesting supplement.

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