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Ya gotta like Judge Gustafson, the obliging judge. As the old Jerry Lieber-Mike Stoller 1957 Coasters hit said “No matter where she’s hiding, she’s gonna see me coming, I’m gonna walk right down that street like Bulldog Drummon’. Gonna find her….”

Except it’s a “he”, not a “she”, but Judge Gustafson is searchin’ for Thomas John Babcock, Docket No. 21863-11, Order filed 10/19/12.

Tom was supposed to do some things, but he didn’t, and Judge Gustafson is concerned that Tom didn’t get the message, so Judge Gustafson orders his Chambers Administrator to hunt Tom down. “Petitioner Thomas John Babcock failed to comply with the Court’s order of September 24, 2012, failed to respond to the IRS’s motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute, and failed to appear for trial on October 15, 2012, at the Court’s Boston trial session. The Court is concerned that mail is somehow not reaching Mr. Babcock. An email address for him appears in the Court’s records, so the undersigned judge directed his Chambers Administrator to send the email attached hereto.” Order, p. 1.

Now that’s an obliging judge.


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