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In Bob Dylan’s words from his 1970 ballad, “You’ll not see nothin’ like the mighty Quinn”, but hers is a sad tale, told by Judge Kroupa, in Jacynthia Quinn, 2012 T.C. Memo. 178, filed 6/27/12.

Jacynthia (great name) was a longtime IRS tax compliance officer, still employed by IRS at time of trial. But Jacynthia went rogue, fabricating medical and dental deductions and inventing charitable contributions. I won’t go into the sorry details, the blatant forgeries and continuous efforts to thwart the resolution of this matter.

Her husband testified against her, as did officers of the various charities to which Jacynthia claimed she made contributions and proffered altered documents to substantiate. She was unable to spell the name of the doctor to whom she claimed she had paid substantial medical bills.

And she claimed dependent exemptions for dependents who clearly weren’t.

In short, there was clear and convincing evidence enough for the imposition of civil fraud.

It’s sad that someone would throw away their career for $17,000 of deductions. And sadder that it would be one sworn to uphold the law.

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