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That Obliging Jurist, Judge David Gustafson, has much advice for Alan David Cooper, Docket No. 4123-19, filed 9/23/19. And I do not presume to substitute my prose for His Honor’s.

That said, AD might have been spared Judge Gustafson’s exegesis, had he, before he petitioned the SNOD that gave rise thereto, perused my blogposts “Cracking Up,” 2/27/14, and “Another Rounder’s Day,” 6/3/15.

AD was another follower of Peter Hendrickson, whose literary efforts Judge Buch eviscerated, as more particularly bounded and described in the first of my above-cited blogposts.

But Judge Gustafson holds out hope.

“We take no pleasure in imposing penalties; the principal purpose of the penalties is to deter future abuse; and if Mr. Cooper plausibly undertakes to refrain from future abuse, then the need to impose a penalty might be reduced.

“On the other hand, if Mr. Cooper were instead to renew his frivolous arguments in response to this order, then it would appear that mere admonition cannot affect his behavior but rather that penalties might be necessary. We hope that will not be the case.” Order, at p. 3.



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