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It’s Friday afternoon, I’m ready to go home to recover from the overwhelming hospitality, love and affection of my nearest and dearest, and no opinions. Just one designated hitter, STJ Panuthos tossing a hard-luck petitioner who did nothing when he had a chance; maybe the 14-day quick-kick rule needs revision.

So a hasty browse through today’s orders brought back to mind the Berlin adventures of Jonathan Zuhovitzky & Esther Zuhovitzky, Docket No. 3489-16, filed 6/22/18.

You remember Jon and Esther, who wanted to do reality TV from the old Prussian capital. No? Then check out my blogpost “Come From Away – Part Deux,” 11/17/17.

Jon’s back has gotten no better, his and Esther’s case is still on for trial, and the Hague Evidence Convention is still the elephant in the corner, although Judge Vasquez was looking favorably at Jon’s & Esther’s TV testimony.

So it’s time for the DOJ to enter the fray, and whom does DOJ send but a further sequel to Mark Twain’s classic and two (count ‘em, two) sequels from the master’s hand?

Judge Vasquez’ll tell you. And ya can’t make this stuff up.

“…Thomas J. Sawyer of the U.S. Department of Justice (Justice Department) filed a Motion For Admission of Counsel Pro Hac Vice, a Motion For Leave to File in Paper Form, and a Statement of Interest With Respect to the Court’s Order of November 15, 2017, Permitting Contemporaneous Trial Testimony From Berlin, Germany. Mr. Sawyer states that the parties in this action do not object to his motions for admission of counsel pro hac vice and for leave to file in paper form. [Note- I think you meant pro haec vice, Judge.]

“Writing on behalf of the Justice Department in the Statement of Interest, Mr. Sawyer asks the Court to reconsider our November 15, 2017, Order in which we granted petitioners’ Motion to Permit Witness Testimony of Jonathan Zuhovitzky and Esther Zuhovitzky by Contemporaneous Transmission from a Different Location.” Order, at p. 1.

Tom Sawyer Abroad…and Tax Attorney. Sam Clemens, thou should’st be living at this hour.

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