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Not Me It Doesn’t

When I started this blog gig, I got a comment from a reader that advertisements were showing up on my blogsite, which bore no relationship to tax or anything I was discussing.

I replied that, unlike Kevin A. Clark, Jr., who appeared on this my blog in my blogpost “Blogging for Dollars,” 5/12/16, I can neither solicit advertisements for, nor censor any that appear on, this my blog.

All advertising anywhere around here is the sole, entire and complete responsibility of They get whatever revenue these advertisements produce. They, and they alone, decide what ads show up anywhere around here. Therefore, no canon, presumption, rule or inference shall arise on account of the identity of any advertiser, any goods, services, or political views advertised or expressed by any advertiser, or the form or content of any advertisement, that appears on this my blog. I neither endorse nor sanction any advertiser or what they’re advertising.

My personal views are expressed elsewhere.

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