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I have some little vanity about this blog. True, popularity is hardly likely to come this way. Blogs of the rich and famous (or their ghostwriters) get more views from more places in ten seconds than I have gotten in five years.

However, I still keep track of how many countries, colonies, territories and semi-autonomies have viewed my efforts.

The latest count is 135. While Canadian Club is still ahead by 32 (is anybody old enough to remember “the best in the house in 167 countries”?), I’m impressed.

But in the South American continent, no one from Bolivia has yet viewed this site. Now one would think few countries there would care about US Tax Court; they have their own taxes with which to deal, and I don’t see many of their nationals on the LinkedIn tax discussion board I co-moderate.

However, I have had at least one view from each country in South America save Bolivia. Of course, I have had none from French Guyana, but I expect that. The local nationals, the French Foreign Legion and the rocket scientists they protect, pardonably have other concerns than US taxes.

But Bolivia? What’s up with that?



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