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It’s called Hubris and Nemesis, and they’ve been in business for millennia. But they don’t pay taxes. And many of their clients and followers don’t, either…until.

I don’t comment on what the trade press and the greater tax blogosphere is saying. This is a small, hyperspecialized blog for specialists.

But a reader telephoned me late this evening to ask why I hadn’t blogged the indictment of retired Tax Court Judge Kroupa for tax evasion and obstruction. And conspiracy, “the darling of the prosecutor’s nursery,” as the late W. D. Curtiss, Esq., put it on The Hill Far Above, so long ago.

I admit I hadn’t known. But even if I had, piling on after the whistle draws its own penalty.

I remember the comment on the Tax Court website when she retired, back on June 18, 2014, which I blogged that day: “The Court is deeply grateful for the excellent judicial service that Judge Kroupa has rendered in her eleven years on the Court.”

And if the US Attorney for the District of Minnesota has it right, she threw that away for “vacations to such destinations as the Bahamas, Greece and Thailand; jewelry and clothing; spa and massage fees; pilates classes; wine club fees; rent and utilities for a home they leased in Maryland; and similar costs for their principal residence in Minnesota.”

And she wrote that stuff off as business expense. That’s the kind of muck that the rounders pull.

Well, now she knows the fullness of her gain.

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